Our Practitioners

Damien, Osteopath


“Your body won’t get fixed lying on a table while someone is poking and prodding you. For some people it absolutely helps, and it feels great! But for real, long-term resolution of a problem, you need understanding and help to move better.”

Damien De Caneva thrives on the variety that each patient has to offer. He treats all types of conditions – from heel pain to headaches – with a particular interest in helping correct chronic injuries. He believes the essence of preventing recurring injuries is to prescribe practical, sustainable activities. He has worked in Point Cook for over 7 years and is a well respected member of the community. 

Damien graduated from Victoria University in 2004. He has worked in sporting clubs such as the Adelaide Crows, as a researcher in Charing Cross Hospital, London, has taught in China, and consulted in private practices in both the city and rural across the nation. 

Damien has worked as a supervising clinician for Osteopathic students at Victoria University and served as PR representative for the Victorian state council of the Australian Osteopathic Association.

He has recently completed a year long course in functional movement at the Gray Institute in Michigan, U.S.A. He is currently focused on providing an optimum patient experience, something that he feels is lacking in a typical physical therapy consultation. 

Luke, Osteopath


Luke’s start to the day must always include a good strong coffee. Not that he needs the caffeine fix, as he is always full of energy, ready to focus on his patient’s individual goals. He has a strong desire to help others and is dedicated to improve lives through his holistic view of injury and treatment. With a strong interest in physique, body building and nutrition, he regularly trains and tests his own physical ability on the body building stage. When not at work, or training at the gym, Luke enjoys reading books about running, and also catching up on the latest Game of Thrones episode.

Taylor, Podiatrist


Taylor lives by a philosophy of helping others, and he will always make the effort to get to know his patients as individuals. As a dedicated father, his young son inspires him to always be his best self. Having grown up in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, Taylor keenly follows AFL, but also EPL soccer. In fact, he is drawn to all sports, and plays football regularly himself. Taylor is a friendly and outgoing practitioner, and when time permits will often be socialising with family or friends. He is a keen ‘foodie’ and enjoys discovering new restaurants and cafes.

Pallavi, Dietitian


Growing up as a fussy eater inspired Pallavi as a young child to find out where her food came from. She was fascinated to learn that vegetables grew from the ground and not at the supermarket.

Her love of food and interest in nutrition just grew from here and this was always to be her chosen career path. Having lived all over the world, including Zambia, Botswana, New Zealand and Argentina, she has a deep appreciation of the cultural factors that accompany diet, and how important individual lifestyles are in making nutritional decisions.

In her spare time Pallavi enjoys travelling, being in the outdoors and the occasional bowl of popcorn whilst relaxing on the couch.

Nick, Osteopath


Inspired by his dad, an Olympic coach, Nick grew up loving all things sport. Nick’s interest in the human body, and in particular movement, also began at an early age when he discovered a love of anatomy books. As a dedicated practitioner, Nick works with his patients to achieve a noticeable difference in their lives, be it either better movement for sporting capacities, or a reduction in pain in everyday activities. Outside of work, his current passion is snowboarding.

Lucas, Osteopath


Lucas has his brother to thank for his chosen career path into Osteopathy. As a teenager, he tagged along with his brother to an information session and fell in love with the principals of Osteopathy, as well as the features of the human body. Right there, he had his light-bulb moment, and his path was set. As a strong contender in Brazilian JiJitsu competitions, both locally and internationally, Lucas understands the importance of treating injury in a holistic way, and through his own training requirements, has a good grasp on the importance of nutrition also. Travel and music interest Lucas outside of work and the gym, and he was once a keen saxophonist. These days the saxophone doesn’t get played very often, however his love of music lives on with his keen interest in musical theatre. He also loves a good burger.

Manvir, Physiotherapist


Meditation is very important to Manvir, and he practices it every day. He has studied both locally and internationally, and through his experience gained in clinical and leadership roles, Manvir has developed a special interest in neurological, as well as complex and chronic musculoskeletal conditions. He de-stresses at the end of the week by completing numerous DIY jobs around the home, and also by spending time with his young son. He also enjoys reading spiritual books and biographies and keeps physically fit by playing badminton and tennis.

Nicholas, Myotherapist

Nicholas Molivas

Ask Nicholas what his interests are, and he’ll answer with one word – sport! He has a particular interest in the NBA, and currently spends time at the gym, focussing on power lifting.

When time permits he also enjoys getting out of the city and exploring the outdoors. His love of fitness and sport led him to first become a personal trainer, and then after observing many clients with injury or pain, he felt it was time to move to Myotherapy.

It was the holistic view of therapy that originally appealed to him, and now he is motivated to help his patients achieve their goals and make a difference to their lives.

Tom, Osteopath

Tom Point Cook Osteo

Tom is a Point Cook local through and through. He has lived in the area all his life and has played football with the Point Cook Football Club for 10 years. He is an avid runner and enjoys both short distances and cross country, often competing in both events. Tom has spent time in India, working as an Osteopath treating a variety of orthopedic injuries. Osteopathy has provided him with a great understanding of how the body works and the specific nature of how and why injuries happen. In his down time Tom enjoys playing the drums and trying to find the ‘ultimate’ brunch to enjoy on a lazy Sunday.