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Osteopathy Treatment
What To Expect & When To Consider It


Our ‘bad movement’ patterns can develop into pain. When any part of the body is not working well (for example a stiff neck or back), it eventually causes painful dysfunction. This is the point when most Point Cook Physical Clinic patients pick up the phone!

While it’s tempting to jump ahead to a temporary quick fix, your pain is primarily the signal to an underlying problem. This could be biomechanical, behavioural or emotional. Not only do Osteopaths eliminate pain, they also work to identify these root causes of your pain.


What To Expect At Point Cook Physical Clinic

We Will:

• Test your body in different positions: walking, balancing and moving to find out what isn’t functioning correctly
• Help show you where the problem is
• Make a diagnosis that accurately identifies your problem
• Provide exercise and advice to help correct the issue and prevent pain from occurring again.