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Home Visits

These days everything seems to be home delivered. Uber eats, deliveroo and Foodora are all capitilising on the burgeoning demand this ‘pop-up’ industry has created. And now groceries, furniture and even alcohol can be delivered at the swipe of a finger.

So why not health too? Here at Point Cook Physical, we want to make your life as simple and easy as possible, so we have introduced home visits.

There may be times when you are experiencing pain so severe you are unable to leave your house. For residents of the surrounding area including Point Cook, Altona Meadows, Seabrook, Williams Landing and Sanctuary Lakes, whether you are new to the clinic or an existing patient we are here to help you.

An Osteopath or Physiotherapist will attend to you in your home and treat your injury with a variety of techniques aimed at alleviating the pain and assisting you to move more freely. Of course, we can’t bring all of our equipment to your house, so for ongoing consultations when you can move a bit easier we still recommend you visit us at the clinic.

Payment is made prior to the consultation over the phone with your credit card and a receipt is then provided to allow you to claim your private health fund quickly and easily.

A history is taken, followed by a thorough assessment and treatment as would normally happen in any consultation, with the aim of getting you back on your feet again. We can also provide braces and taping, if need be, to relieve the symptoms that have aggravated you so much.


So if you’re in dire need of help, shoot us a message or give us a call to allow us to help you feel better.

Phone & Video Consultations

Telehealth is an emerging trend in the health care industry that allows practitioners to provide medical advice and education to patients unable to physically attend the clinic. For those who are inconvenienced by the traditional process of driving to a clinic and waiting around to see a practitioner or maybe people who are just short on time, this maybe the thing for you.

To begin with an appointment is made for a specific time in the same way any booking is normally made. Payment would then be arranged over the phone with the patients credit/debit card details. A receipt is then emailed to enable the patient to claim any health care refund they may be entitled to. The decision on whether to make a video or voice call ultimately ends with the patient and depends also on the technology they have available but video calls are our preferred medium. Video calls can be made using either skype or facetime again depending on what the patient has available.

The consultation is recorded as would any typical consultation and concludes in the allotted time from chosen by the patient at the time that the booking is made.

Patients who choose to use this service may do so for one or more of the following reasons:

  • They are seeking a second opinion on a diagnosis or treatment plan provided by another practitioner
  • They need advice on what exercises might work best to help resolve a complaint
  • They do not have the time to visit the clinic
  • They need only verbal guidance, as would be the case for most dietetics patients
  • They need to discuss whether treatment is suitable and what it would involve, this may be of particular use to podiatry patients
  • They need only to refine exercises and advance their excise regimen and are not in need of any physical intervention

So if you think you may fit into any of these scenarios or there is something else you might wish to discuss via either a video or phone consultation please give us a call, so we can help you feel better.