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You Are What You Eat

Point Cook Physical Clinic dieticians understand that diet is a very personal subject. We also know that diet programs don’t work long-term! So we aim to support our patients through understanding. We provide the tools of weight loss, mental and physical support, and the ability to maintain a healthy weight and outlook on nutrition.

What we do:
• Education: We provide you with the tools and accountability to choose the beneficial foods that achieve a healthier lifestyle and lose weight. We believe in making small manageable changes to your nutrition that you can sustain.
• Encouragement: We firstly find what works best for you then provide focus and encouragement along the way. We are not here to tell you what you are doing wrong, we encourage you in what you are doing right.
• Environment: With a consistent support system during your weight loss, you are more likely to be successful. A key to our programs' success is our supportive environment, and counselling for the mental hurdles throughout.