wrist pain treatment point cook

Reasons Why You’re Suffering From Wrist Pain – When To Seek Assessment & Treatment

Whether it’s texting or playing sport, the joints in your wrists affect all the movement in your hands. For this reason, your wrists are constantly under stress, leaving them vulnerable to a variety of injuries and pains. At Point Cook Physical, we share with you the wrist pain treatment options, symptoms and diagnosis approach.

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A picture showing Desk Job Injuries

Workplace & Desk Job Injuries

Common Desk Job Injuries

Learn How To Prevent Them

Desk job injuries may sound like a strange concept. When we think of workplace-related injuries, we wouldn’t usually think of office jobs as a leading culprit. In reality, sprains, and strains related to office jobs account for more than 60 percent of work cover claims.

Spending eight hours a day hunched over a desk staring at a computer screen can have some serious impacts on your physical health. We aren’t suggesting you rush out and quit your job; there are other ways to overcome some of the most common desk job injuries.

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Find Time to exercise - Point Cook

How To Find Time to Exercise

9 Fitness Tips for the Extra Busy Parents

Finding it difficult to fit in any exercise and maintain a level of fitness? You’re not alone…

Many parents devote the majority of their time, energy and resources into their kids. One of the most common excuses for skipping a workout is “oh I simply ran out of time”. Find time to exercise with these simple and effective tips.

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Health Tips For Tradies

A Guideline to Staying Healthy For Everyday Tradies

Long hours, physically taxing and a drain on your work life balance; being a tradie is not all it’s cracked up to be, apart from the huge pay checks (new reports suggest tradies are more cashed up than lawyers). Find out our best health tips for tradies.

Getting serious about your health as a tradie translates to longevity and a more enjoyable and efficient day to day working experience.

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Aerobic Exercise

Benefits of Aerobic Based Exercise

No, today we are not talking about slapping on a pair of fluro leggings, fluffing up our hair and sliding in to a pair of leg warmers. Today we’re talking about something much bigger – Aerobic Exercise

Also known as cardio exercise and not a fad from the 80s. Aerobic exercise raises your heart beat and makes you sweat and breathe a bit harder.

Aerobic exercise helps train the cardiovascular system, heart and lungs to help deliver oxygen quicker and more efficiently through out the body.

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sports taping benefits

Benefits Of Using Sports Taping

Sports Taping can give you the security you need to stay on the field and avoid those niggling injuries.

Pulled muscles, tendons, sprains or tissue injuries are some of the most common complaints that sports people have while performing, taping can help.

Athletic sports taping involves applying tape directly to the skin to stabilise and neautralise vulnerable muscles, joints and ligaments.

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Women’s Sport - How to prepare yourself

Women’s Sport – How To Prepare Yourself

A new dawn for girls to shine big

Women’s Sport in the last year has grown to new, unforeseen heights. Girls, who could have only dreamed of playing on the biggest arenas in the world, now have the opportunity to do so. This new dynamic in sport has also brought about injury and workload concerns.

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Health Tips For A Long Commute

Change the way you commute 

Long commutes to work can have positives and negatives – For many it is a chance to escape home responsibilities or bypass all that traffic on the roads and get back some ‘me-time’. For others it is nothing short of a nightmare, time away from families, disconnect with colleagues and a complete lack of work life balance.

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Home Remedies For Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

Let giving birth be your greatest achievement 

Physical complications during pregnancy are common and to some degree are to be expected. Swollen ankles and feet (edema) occur in pregnancy because of the increased weight load.

Holding onto more fluid during pregnancy places pressure on your pelvis and can slow blood circulation in the area. This particularly affects lower limbs, extenuating down into the ankles and feet.

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